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Drone Services

Anez Consulting has been in the consulting business since 1997, offering a wide array of services. We ofer Aerial Imagery/Mapping, elevation data and volume measurements.  This allows us to offer the customer a new way to promote and collect data for their business. We have a FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot on staff who will be in control of all flights. We are also registered with the DOT as commercial vehicle and commercial operator.  All flights are fully insured.  We strive to provide our clients with a custom, high quality product by using only professional grade equipment and software capabilities to meet your needs.


FAA Part 107 License

As technology improves and drones are more accessible, it is critical that drone pilots be held responsible and observe safety regulations. We operate under a strict set of rules that structure our business and keep our community safe. Now that the FAA has released Part 107, our pilot operates under this new set of rules.

Commercial drone use is defined by the FAA as anything other than hobby flying, this includes photos for marketing, promotion, or other use, even if there is no charge for the service.  Commercial drones must be registered with the FAA and MnDOT, drone pilots must be licensed by the FAA, and the business must be insured and licensed as a commercial operator by MnDOT.  There are several controlled airspaces, FAA 107 licensed drone pilots must have FAA authorization for them to fly in controlled airspace. 


Drone Services

  • Survey Sites

  • Real Estate - Farm Land / Home Site / Lots 

  • Special Event Coverage

    • Weddings

    • Business Conferences

    • Golf Tournaments

  • Promotional

    • Aerial Photos

    • 30 Second Video

    • 2-minute Video

    • Custom Promo Video 

  • Golf Course Map

    • Updated Graphics

    • Aerial Mapping​

  • Signature Holes

  • Promotional Based

  • Aerial Plant Health Analysis

  • Volume Measurements

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